About Robin Martin

How it started

I have always been a busy person with an active mind. I grew up participating in sports – I must have tried nearly every offering in my school. I went on to study editorial journalism in college, and during those four years, wasn’t as active as I would have preferred. Post college, I quickly found myself seeking different styles of workouts to feel good physically.

It took a friend two years of urging me to try a yoga class before I finally set foot in a studio. After about six months of practicing yoga, I realized that it had an effect on me that was far greater than physical. It calmed my mind in a way no other form of physical movement had before. My stressful job became manageable.

Yoga Medicine

My practice and my teaching are ever evolving. While vinyasa yoga is my favorite style of yoga to both practice and teach, I have studied many different methods of yoga with numerous master teachers and appreciate the beauty in all styles. I earned my 200 Yoga Alliance certification through Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine. I’m in the process of working towards my 500-hour certification with YogaMedicine.

Growing Wings with Acro Yoga

I am an avid AcroYoga practitioner and have been studying under Lux Sternstein of SeattleAcro for over four years.

Maintaining balance on board

I’m a certified Stand Up Paddleboard yoga teacher through PaddleBoard Bliss.

Robin's Passion: One Love

I met the founder of the One Love Movement several years ago when I led co-taught a yoga and acro yoga class to raise money for local children in need. Kim’s passion is giving back to communities in need and I can’t imagine a better cause to support. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to participate in events that make a difference in the lives of others.

One Love Movement hosts one of the largest charity yoga events in the country. Together in practice, we raise critical funding for organizations advancing social justice.