Robin Martin Exposed

One of my loves is to help businesses promote their products.  Here you can find my latest modeling projects and magazine exposure.

KiraGrace Yoga

The NEW Warrior Matrix Collection sets a new standard in activewear. Powerfully feminine and sexy, this capsule features complex caging and NEW no-sew seaming and seamless straps. This iconic collection is immaculately handcrafted in the USA with rich PowerHold performance fabric in shades of Black and Bourdeax

KiraGrace Yoga

We welcome Fall with its cooler days to wash away the summer heat. Let us lure you into the moody season with sophisticated prints, subdued color palettes, and gorgeous new designs. The Goddess Siren Collection is simply ravishing. The featured Siren Print enhances the pieces and the details like soft gathers and gauzy mesh feel ethereal against the skin.

Videography by Sean Willis featuring models Tiffany Cruikshank and Robin Martin.

Lee Jeans

 The Dream Jean’s high-performance denim provides flexibility and support where you want it. I put the @leejeans Dream Jean to the ultimate test: I bent and stretched, floated on the paddle board, danced, did the splits and even did acro in them. The jeans moved with my every move.  See more pics here:

Bloggers, fasion influencers and women who have worn jeans in their lifetime (everyone!) are loving the Dream Jean.


YogaPaws is a great company to work with.  Their “paws” are wearable mats which means I can yoga anywhere.  I don’t have to pack a bulky mat when I travel.  I can just pull these on and I’m ready to go.   They have a soft absorbent lining which keeps me from slipping on my mat during hot yoga classes.   You can check them out at

Glamour Magazine UK March 2016

3. Flexi Lexicreates beautiful flexible, fitted, comfortable and chic sportswear to brighten your workouts this Spring.  Shop their full range worldwide at and follow on IG #flexilexi_fitness.  Credit: @robinmartinyoga

Mantra Magazine Jan/Feb 2016

What’s been one of your greatest struggles + how did you deal? I’ve had my fair share of challenges. One of my biggest struggles has been finding the balance between family life and working. Pursuing dreams that take me to far away places, yet staying grounded for my girls at the same time. Dealing with it is on a continual basis. Always working to put family first, and grateful for the technology that allows communication even in those far off places.

One truth you know for sure? Life is short – too short. Don’t take the ability to breathe for granted.

Best lesson you’ve learned or advice received? Best advice is that life isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon. Slow down. Don’t rush. Take your time to enjoy the process, don’t focus on the finish line. And…for the procrastinator in me…best advice is to get on with it. If you’ve got time to think about it, you’ve got time to do it.

Favorite breakfast. That’s a tough one. I love all that is breakfast. Breakfast is my weakness when it comes to food over-consumption. Anything involving eggs, potatoes, and cheese.

Things we can find in your bag. In my bag you’ll find mints, an emergency $10, my phone when I’m not holding it, keys, lip gloss, sunscreen, a yogitoes towel and usually two extra sets of yoga clothes – just in case.