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Renewing your mind

Yoga strengthens you and stretches you without limits.  When your mind sees what a body can do, it transfers what was once limitations into opportunities for you to grow. You become filled. Your mind is no longer drained by negative thoughts of, “I can’t”, “that’s not me”. Instead, it starts to consider the possibilities of “what if” and “maybe I can”!  Robin is a gifted yogi who has taught her mind to follow her body, not the other way around as you can see in her beautiful photo gallery.

Renewing your body

A body can’t be filled by inactivity.  Robin’s classes are in high demand because she understands YOUR abilities and helps you stretch and grow and learn that your boundaries are only drawn in the sand to be wiped away and redrawn with each practice. You are the master of your own potential. Check out Robin’s class schedule and discover the perfect match for body renewal and sustenance.

Renewing your spirit

Sometimes we become so depleted that one thing won’t fill us completely.  We need to be immersed – where all distractions and obstacles are removed and we allow ourselves to be open to renewal. Other times, we are full and wish to have tools in which we can keep this wave of peace-FULL-ness at our front. In both of these instances, your needs will be met during one of Robin’s incredible Yoga retreats held all over the world. Check out her upcoming retreats and focus on renewing your spirit!

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